PAUSE Project was initiated by two Melbourne-based designers as a response to the global pandemic and lockdown conditions in 2020.

PAUSE uses visual language to process mass information and themes of this unusual period, holding space for both artist and audience to pause and reflect.

Through its collaborative nature, PAUSE is an evolving platform advocating for art + design as empowering mediums of communication.


2021 series
2020 series

All artworks on site are original artworks created by Gita Zimmermann and Jacob L’Huillier Lunt.

PAUSE 2021 Series
New1, 2021
New2, 2021                                     
Growing1, 2021                              
Growing2, 2021                            
Unsettled1, 2021                             
Unsettled2, 2021                           
Accepting1, 2021                             
Accepting2, 2021                          
Solitary1, 2021                                 
Solitary2, 2021                              
Repeat1, 2021                               
Repeat2, 2021